GM4WZG is my permanent amateur radio callsign. This site is a convenient place for me to put up files and items that may be of interest to other radio amateurs. Most visitors will arrive here because I've made reference to some specific file located here on some kind of ham radio based reflector or mailing list. However you got here, you are most welcome to browse and if you want to know more about any aspect of amateur radio don't hesitate to get in touch. .

Portable & activations

DVGE An enjoyable part of the hobby is setting up equipment and antennas at temporary locations to spend a little bit of time making contacts with those that might have a special interest in those locations. Examples are lighthouses and the Vertice Geodesico pictured left which is one of many such vertices all around Spain. Click on the picture to find out more and for details of some lighthouse activations..

Other portable working might just be from a pleasant picnic spot out in the countryside. Its always interesting to see how the surrounding terrain affects the radio wave propagation, indeed this is an entire area of study in itself.

contesting - First PLACE IOTA 2011, PACC 2011, SP 2012, UBA 2012

DVGE Another part of the hobby important to me is taking part in contests. This aspect brings together lots of disciplines with the objective of maximising performance in many ways, be it in technical knowledge, operating skill, calmness under pressure or just plain stamina.

There are contests of all kinds - long in duration, short in duration, multi-operator, portable, working from home, HF, VHF, UHF, low power, sprint - the list is rather a long one.

I was pleased to get a good result in the Islands on the Air contest from Arosa Island - see the picture above. Click on the picture to see more of contesting.

Radio at home

I use mainly telegraphy from home (morse code, or CW as radio amateurs tend to refer to it) and I enjoy restoring radio equipment and building new equipment. The art of electronic and RF design and construction remains a source of utter fascination to myself and I would guess to most other radio amateurs.  Its great to be able to piece together a handful of electronic components costing a few pounds and communicate with someone in a different part of the world. Given time I hope to expand these web pages with details of projects and some favourite circuits.