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Radio History

At age of 5 I liked to take the back off disused radios and was fascinated with the bits inside. I remember spending happy hours hitting all the little bits with my screwdriver and, for want of a more apt word, adjusting the cores in the IF cans. Of course I didn't appreciate that they were IF cans at the time! Enlightened parents never put an end to this and I reckon I was well on the way to a technology career from a very early age.

Further highlights include receiving a gift of a real working telephone from the man next door who worked in a telephone factory. This started initial experiments with connecting up microphones to loudspeakers but with very disappointing results until.....

My big brother's illustrating electronics magazine came along and it was only after reading it several times over that the realisation dawned that something called amplification had been missing from my world. It wasn't long before a passable PA system driven by telephone handset was born.  By the age of 14 I'd moved on and upwards to RF and was keen on playing with a few old valve radios that I had recovered from the scrap heap.  I got a  copy of the RAE manual and I registered for the UK Radio Amateur Examination at a local college in 1975. I remember turning up for the big day having read, and re-read the book from beginning to end. I'd worked through every single worked example and learned off by heart every formula. 

There was actually twenty others sitting the exam and they were surprised to see me. I hadn't realised that there was a course running. Schoolchildren weren't allowed to enrol at the local tech anyway.  On explaining that I had read the book and registered for the examination there were many tut-tuts and much shaking of heads but through luck or otherwise I sailed through the three hour written paper it and took out my first callsign G8LVR.

In 1984 that became G4WZG and with a move to Scotland, the regional modifier makes it GM4WZG.

GM4WZG Today

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Main operating preference is CW followed by SSB.

GM4WZG at work

Having started to play with radio at an early age my career developed along appropriately technical lines and I have been a Chartered Engineer for more than 30 years.  Always a believer that a technologist should be able to cross between sectors I have in my time held positions as University Lecturer, Communications and IT Manager for a TV company and IT Director of a Global Pharmaceutical company with offices in 40 countries . I'm now running my own business specialising in Project Management Services across Spanish speaking territories - www.paceprofessional.co.uk .

Bernie McIntosh BSc(Hons), MMktg, CEng., MBCS