BOB PCB – Radcom article published September 2021. Some PCBs/parts are available.

GM4WZG / GM4X Amateur Radio

GM4WZG is my permanent amateur radio callsign. This site is a convenient place for me to put up files and items that may be of interest to other radio amateurs. Most visitors will arrive here because I’ve made reference to some specific file located here on some kind of ham radio based reflector or mailing list. However you got here, you are most welcome to browse and if you want to know more about any aspect of amateur radio don’t hesitate to get in touch.

GM4X is another callsign that is allocated to me. It is known as an SCC – Special Contest Callsign and is only for use in radio contests. It has many advantages – my operating interests are predominently CW and I chose GM4X because it is easy for other stations to identify under the fast and furious conditions of a typical HF Radio Contest.

GM4WZG and his MM0CUG mast (recommended) with a “cobwebb” antenna on top.